a dialogue between two friends meeting after a long time!!

2:27 am in dont always run after money!! by SoMe tHiNg beYoNd orDInArY!!


“just go for something in which you feel satisfied”

Sana: Oh my god! Can I believe this? sara! you are still alive?

sara: Assalamualikum! Common, I’m alive. And I am here with you. It’s hardly relative.

Sana: So man, where have you been all summer? Rumours were you had gone to Egypt in search for the lost diadem, the mysterious whatever in you know…

sara: Well, apparently Harry managed to find it on his own, though I could be helpful as always. I was actually looking for a school for aerospace studies. And yeah! Don’t call me man. It sounds too formal.

Sana: Oh yeah, I forgot. You don’t believe in human races, do you? Haha. And aerospace studies? Hhmm….. Yeah, I do remember you talking once. So what are you going to do?

Sara: Well, its aerospace engineering to be more precise. I have a passion. Cruise missiles, ballistics, jets, BVRs, and yeah, why, of course, the relativistic rockets and the antimatter bomb. My interests find deep affection with military. What about you, when is your medical school starting?

Sana: Dude! I changed plans. I’m not doing medical anymore. Going for business school in the States. Just a couple of weeks and I’ll be gone from the relentless world here. And Sara! Common dude cheer up! I bet you’ll be earning loads from the stuff you are telling. Go to NASA or CERN and also bring your parents over there. Small family, easy to migrate.

Sara! Umm…. Well, I have other other plans, too, sana. I am going to work here, in Pakistan.

Sana! Oh no kidding Sara. Why come choose such a theme when you are determined to waste it? Who would ever bother about those freaking objects here?

sara: Oppurtunity does not come with destiny, sana. Prospects are bleak when you see mud instead of the stars when you look out of your window.  I’m not arguing on philosophy, I’m just trying to sound reasonable.

Sana: So why not go for something that’s already worth it. Your parents have spent a lot of money on you. It’s their right to expect a return.

Sara: Yeah, but paradigm of success is not contracted to the scope of materialism. It’s the satisfaction you gain, the sense of consummation one feels for what he has done. Anyways it seems you have definite plans for what courses you are going to choose.

Sana: Oh no not at all. I’m going for business just because it is high-time that the Ameriican multi-nationals are looking for brainpower. If I’ll see the trend changing towards computers, I’ll switch over to software engineering. I keep doors open for myself Sara. Don’t ever pin yourself to a wall. Even that might not be able to support your weight for long.

Sara: sana it’s the ideology of freedom that matters. You find a flexible career optimum for a comfortable living. I believe in exploring your passion and speaking for your desires. Always be sure you are right, then go ahead. David Crocket said.
Sana: So are you going to stick with your interest once i fails
to buy you a job even? We are progressing into the universities to establish our footings on a professional career. It’s not an experimental lab to test our flight.

Sara: We don’t go to school to buy jobs, sana. We go to learn. Whatever we can do after is the beauty of what we have done. It all comes to our choices how we look into it.

Sana: Dude! You seem determined. I, however, have to look for a number of things. I do hope that we would see each other in U.S.

Sara: Oh yeah sure sana! School bonds should not be fragmented by seperation of careers. It something we both would agree upon. See ya…..